Lightning Policy

EMW Threatening Weather & Lightning Policies

 In the event of lightning, EMW Baseball will follow guidelines by the NSSL (National Severe Storms Laboratory) during games.

The NSSL strongly recommend terminating activity when the lightning is 6 miles away. There is a 70% chance that the next cloud-to-ground strike will occur in a circular area with a 6-mile radius from the previous strike.

An audible alarm (air horn) will be sounded when lightning is detected within 6 miles from Creek Road Park.

Steps to take if Lightning is 6 miles or less away:

a. Threatening weather conditions and/or lightning will end the game or practice session. Due to the lack of lightning safe, enclosed structures, the Creek Road Softball & Baseball Fields will be cleared of all persons in lightning conditions.  All players, spectators, coaches and managers are to proceed to the safety of their automobiles. Areas around the concession stands are not considered safe areas. No one will be allowed into the stand area or maintenance sheds while lightning is in the area.

b. Games scheduled to start while lightning is sighted will be cancelled as a rain out if the delay due to the activation exceeds fifteen minutes past the games posted starting time.

c.  Practice sessions shall be delayed or cancelled until the lightning has cleared.  No one will be allowed to practice until a lighting has cleared.

d. No one will be allowed onto the Creek Road Park field area while lightning has been sighted or is in the area. For safety considerations, everyone shall remain in their cars while lightning is in the area.

e.  The NSSL/EMW recommends that everyone should ideally wait at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field or activity.

f. Please check website for the weather conditions prior to coming to park.

Avoid: Tall trees or objects like light poles or flagpoles, individual trees, standing pools of water and open
fields. Also avoid being the highest object on the field. Do not take shelter under a single tall tree. Avoid
bathrooms and using the landline telephone. A cellular phone or portable phone is a safe alternative